Langnau Jazz Nights: Tuesday July 26

Program Tuesday July 26, 2022

Tuesday, July 26 – 22:15

Avishai Cohen Trio "Shifting Sands"
Avishai Cohen b/voc, Elchin Shirinov p, Roni Kaspi dr

Over the last two decades Internationally acclaimed bassist, singer, composer Avishai Cohen, has earned his reputation as one of the world's greatest bassists. It is however as a composer that his musical statement has grown extensively throughout the world, attracting large live audiences, listeners and passionate fans.

Avishai is back on stage again after a long period off the road due to the Covid 19 pandemic worldwide. ‘I have missed so much the stage, my fans, and touring in general. I am so thrilled to perform live music with my fans in safer environments and conditions; music heals .’Without a doubt,  Avishai Cohen is one of the best bassists of his time, captivating large live audiences, listeners and passionate fans worldwide. With his new trio line-up, Cohen will present music from his latest trio album "Shifting Sands" (release May 2022) which include brand new original compositions, alongside performing fan favourites and repertoire from his vast musical library .

Shifting Sands highlights the special alchemy that Cohen’s music provides :
fresh and expansive melodic lines, diverse and sophisticated rhythms and a musical elegance that only he can achieve.”

Tuesday, July 26 – 20:30

Shems Bendali Quintet
Shems Bendali tp, Arthur Donnot ts, Andrew Audiger p, Yves Marcotte b, Marton Kiss dr

Shems Bendali is starting to become a reference amongst young jazz musicians in Switzerland and Europe. After being rewarded by ZKB Jazzpreis and Avignon Jazz Festival, the trumpeter comes back on stage with his quintet to present their lastest album Tabriz.

In Tabriz, the second recording opus produced by Shems Bendali, the young trumpet player embarks on a journey back to the origins of his first name: “Shems-Eddine”. According to the family legend, the meaningful name was revealed to his father in a dream in which “Shams ad Dîn Tabrizi” made a soulful apparition. The Persian philosopher and poet is renowned for his spiritual connection with the great Sufi master Djalal Dîn Rümi. The two wise men are said to have met in Konya where they decided never to part again. Rümi went on to refer to Shams in poems that would go on to enlighten the Sufi Muslim culture for centuries.

In this new album, the trumpeter explores the widespread ramifications of his father’s dream as well as the depth of the relationship between Shams and Rümi. The music will guide you through tableaux and landscapes featuring the market-place of Konya or the city of Tabriz, but will also take you on a voyage within the mysteries of the bond linking a master and his celestial spirit.

Collaborative approach is at the core of the working process of the Shems Bendali Quintet and as such, Arthur Donnot’s creativity enhances the diverse colors of the album with three new compositions exploring the outcomes of family ties through time.