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Art at Langnau Jazz Nights

Samuele Vesuvio – «VESUVIO BIG BAND»

The works of Samuele Vesuvio (*1987 in Bern) are characterized by a strong reference to the comic world. Drawing is always at the center - even when he creates large installations. He spends his childhood and youth with his parents in Burgdorf and in Civitella d'Agliano (I). After graduating from high school, he began to study art history, but dropped out after one year. His parents' long working stays abroad familiarize him at an early age with countries such as China, Korea and Finland.

In 2009 Samuele Vesuvio publishes his first comic book "Time Riders", commissioned by the Tinguely Museum in Basel. Two years later, the solo exhibition entitled "Eruzione" premieres at the Gesellschaft Freunde Junger Kunst in Baden-Baden (D). Numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Argentina follow. His works are represented in many countries in both public and private collections. From December 2018 to January 2020, he will be director of MACRO ASILO Buenos Aires, the first foreign residence of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome. In 2019, he will move to the Argentine metropolis for six months as part of the Swiss Artist Residency Program of the Cities Conference Culture.

Samuele Vesuvio, who will present an exclusive exhibition in the small hall of the coppersmithy on the occasion of the 31st Langnau Jazz Nights, lives and works in Italy and Switzerland.

Every year, Langnau Jazz Nights offer a platform for artists to exhibit their pieces during the festival. The exhibition takes place at the old hall of the Kupferschmiede where the festival’s restaurant and bar are located and jam sessions take place.  

Kupferschmiede Langnau, Restaurant Kupfergabel
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00