Langnau Jazz Nights: Locations

Locations at Langnau Jazz Nights

Kupferschmiede Langnau (concert hall)

Güterstrasse 20
3550 Langnau i. E.

Box office
from 6:00 pm

Restaurant Kupfergabel/Bar
from 6:00 pm

Door concert hall
8:00 pm

Start concert
8:30 pm

The main concerts of the festival take place at the concert venue Kupferschmiede. The first concert starts at 8.30 pm; the venue however already opens its doors at 6pm. The restaurant ‘Kupfergabel’ pampers its guests with a delicious menu and an elegant yet casual setting. There are several bars which serve a wide range of drinks and snacks to visitors. 

Off-Festival Krompholz stage Viehmarktplatz

The Viehmarktplatz (town square) already gets busy in the afternoons. Numerous music fans arrive at the square to be part of the Langnau Jazz Nights off-festival events (starting at 5pm): workshop-concerts, the Junior Jazz Meeting and other concerts. A variety of food stands offer a vide range of international dishes to visitors. The whole off-festival area is covered, so no need to worry about bad weather!

More about the Off-Festival

Concert at the Protestant Church

As part of the Langnau Jazz Nights a very special concert takes place at the Protestant Church on Saturday afternoon. The acoustics and the setting of the church help create a unique atmosphere and an unforgettable event for musicians and visitors.

Reformierte Kirche
3550 Langnau i.E.

Box office
4:00 pm

Start concert
5:00 pm

Wine cellar (Vinothek)

Have a glass of wine and listen to jam sessions at Walter Schmocker's wine cellar (Vinothek).

Walter Schmocker Weine
Kirchgasse 9
3550 Langnau

Opening hours during the festival (Tue-Sat)
5:00 - 7:00 pm

Parking Kupferschmiede

The Kupferschmiede is located directly next to the hockey stadium. Around the stadium you will find public and chargeable parking spaces.