Langnau Jazz Nights: Friday July 29

Program Friday July 29, 2022

Friday, July 29 – 22:15

Russell Ferrante keys, Bob Mintzer sax, Dane Alderson b, William Kennedy dr

Since their beginnings in 1981, the quartet has not only co-founded fusion jazz, but has also decisively shaped music history with innovative and sophisticated music over the past four decades. The band, which has won several Grammy Awards, already demonstrated this in 2008 in Langnau. Bob Mintzer has not only been the band's saxophonist for three decades, but also an award-winning composer and arranger of big band music. He proves this once again on the band's latest production in collaboration with the German WDR Bigband, which Mintzer has led as principal conductor since 2016.

Friday, July 29 – 20:30

Type_F feat. Anatole Muster
Sascha Frischknecht dr/comp, Jérémie Krüttli b, Mathieu Friz keys, Djamal Moumène g, Anatole Muster acc

On their debut album, the band led by the young Basel drummer Sascha Frischknecht gives fusion jazz of the 70s the latest update. Two generations later, the young musicians combine the sounds of their idols with the groove of neo-soul and complex rhythms from contemporary jazz to create a contemporary and exciting sound. Music that lives up to the name Fusion and unites different elements and influences to a new whole.