Langnau Jazz Nights 2024 - Programmheft

3 When people discover music as children, their inspiration to pick up an instrument or start to sing usually comes from a primal feeling of excitement, love, and freedom. It is an exploration of expression in its truest form, and it radiates positivity within the mind, heart, and body. As we get older, and life starts to take its course, we often «misplace» that original feeling of love and excitement. Having been part of the Jazz Workshop faculty in 2015 and then leading my own faculty in 2023, I am continually reminded that Langnau Jazz Nights are an example of what happens when people come together with the intention of rediscovering the feeling of wonder that only music can generate. The younger students that attend this workshop look toward the future and feed off the invaluable information they absorb from the visiting professors to hone their craft and find their musical identities. The older students, many of whom have successful lives and careers outside of music, attend this workshop just for the love of it – for the sake of the music. They come with a desire to learn and, most importantly, to have fun – something that music is and should be all about. In the spirit of rediscovering the fun and love in music, I happily invite you to enjoy the 2024 edition of Langnau Jazz Nights! Thana Alexa vocalist, composer and arranger EDITORIAL