Langnau Jazz Nights: Saturday July 27

Program Saturday July 27th 2019

Saturday July 27th – 11:00pm
Kupferschmiede Langnau

Ethan Iverson & Ron Carter
Ethan Iverson p, Ron Carter b

Pianist, composer and author Ethan Iverson has left his mark on the scene with the groundbreaking trio "The Bad Plus" and the Billy Hart quartet. He is a profound connoisseur of the jazz tradition and an advocate of recent developments on the front line. This year he teaches the piano masterclass at the LJN and performs here as a duo with the incomparable Ron Carter.

Saturday, July 27th – 05:00pm
Reformierte Kirche Langnau

Jean-Louis Matinier & Kevin Seddiki
Jean-Louis Matinier acc, Kevin Seddiki g

J.L Matinier and Kevin Seddiki immediately sound special together, sharing a taste for, space, quality of sound,  but also complex rhythms, improvisation, and different approaches, from written music to totally improvised moments. Revisiting pieces from «classical music», but also Songs, and also composing, improvising, creates a unique blend of colors, climates and frames, in an intime, chamber music format.

They are currently recording an Album that will release in 2019.

Jean Louis Matinier:
Jean-Louis Matinier is a leading contemporary accordion player in the fields of jazz and world music. Matinier studied classical music, then turned to jazz and other forms of improvised music. From 1989 to 1991 he played in the French National Jazz Orchestra. His way of playing is strongly influenced by the attitude of European chamber jazz, with its specific uptake of the accordion tradition. His compositions are imaginative and he turns his instrument versatile. Matinier usually performs with other instrumentalists, such as Renaud Garcia-Fons, who accompanied him in a very interactive duo on his bass.

Kevin Seddiki:
French Guitar and percussion player Kevin Seddiki already played with various internationally acclaimed musicians from different cultures and musical fields. Among them, the argentinian Bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi, Al Di Meola, Philip Catherine, but also the Quatuor Voce, Michel Legrand, Vincent Segal, Phillipe Jarrousky, and many others. In 2009, he won (ex-aequo) the «European Guitar Award», in Dresden, Germany. Then he’s offered to record his first album for the German Laber «Wildner Records». His versatility and curiosity made him play with Greek, Indian, south American Musicians, and when he meets the Chemirani Family in 2001, he s so amazed by the Iraanian Drum called «Zarb» or «Tombak», that it became his second instrument. He recorded albums with Bijan Chemirani, and the band «ONEIRA», but also more recently as a Duo, for french label Harmonia Mundi. He also composes for various ensembles, recently the Quatuor VOCE, and also theater and Documentaries and short Movies.

Tunes by Jean-Louis Matinier & Kevin Seddiki

Saturday, July 27th – 09:30pm
Kupferschmiede Langnau

Michael Pipoquinha Quartet
Michael Pipoquinha b, Pedro Martins g, Douglas Marcolino acc, Ze Luis Nascimento dr/perc

Michael Pipoquinha first electrified the internet with his homemade bass videos nine years ago, when he was 13. The prowess and precociousness he displayed in his early YouTube efforts was duly noted on bass forums, as players two and three times his age tried to parse his musical magic. Where did he come from? He sounds like Janek mixed with Jaco. Is he even better than those guys? He’s Brazilian, of course—doesn’t that explain everything?

Pipoquinha, now 23, learned to play bass the organic way, from his father and grandfather. He’s grown up in the YouTube age, copping licks from bassists and guitarists alike. His style, informed by his Brazilian heritage, combines mad slapping skills in the Wooten vein, along with ferocious grooves, plus serious melodic and harmonic knowledge.

“I started with the acoustic guitar,” says Pipoquinha. “I always liked harmony and Brazilian grooves both on acoustic and electric guitars. I developed my techniques by listening to lots of Baden Powell and other guitar players like Joe Pass and Pat Metheny. That’s helped me on the bass to play both harmony and rhythm at the same time.” Pipoquinha’s bass technique reflects his understanding of the guitar, using chordal concepts and thumb-plus-three-finger techniques as a part of his arsenal.

Like all modern bassists, Pipoquinha has dealt with the legacy of Jaco Pastorius. “One recording that really stays with me is Jaco playing ‘Havona’ with Weather Report. That groove inspired generations of bass players, and he plays a melodic solo worthy of a low-note wizard. I have many heroes, both bass-playing and otherwise, but if we’re talking bass players they’d be Jaco, Arthur Maia, Sergio Groove, Thiago do Esparto Santo, Victor Wooten, Nico Assumpção, John Patitucci, and the great Luizão Maia”.

His third brand new album is coming this year, promised to be even more jazzy and opening definitely the doors and windows of the world into his sounds.

Saturday, July 27th – 08:30pm
Kupferschmiede Langnau

International Jazz Piano Competition - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

This competition is being announced internationally for the fourth time. All piano students enrolled at a jazz academy are eligible to participate. The total prize money amounts to CHF 2'500. Member of the jury is Ethan Iverson, head of this year's Master Class for Jazz Piano, which will also be held in cooperation with the HSLU for the sixth year and also Angelica Sanchez, faculty member of this year's Jazz Workshop.


  • Urs Hager (Germany)
  • Lorenzo Vitolo (Italy)
  • Nicolai Daneck (Germany)

Good luck to everyone!